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Hi, thank you for visiting Aperture Image. My interest in photography first started in 1985 when I used to attend Formula 1 Grand Prix race meetings with a group of friends who were keen photographers. Soon hooked, I purchased a sturdy Praktica mtl 5b with screw on 50mm lens; extra bits of kit were handed on to me by my pals including a Russian made zoom lens that was built like a tank and almost as heavy!

In 1988 in bought my first of five Canon T90s, the I Ds of its day I suppose, plus an assortment of lenses. By 1991 I had become a freelance photojournalist and was working for several UK publishing houses including IPC, EMAP and the now defunct Harmsworth Publishing, who hired me on contract as one of the main photographers for Improve Your Sea Fishing magazine. In addition I wrote a weekly column on angling for the Isle of Wight County Press for nearly 10-years, plus I have had work used by many clients including the Bank of Scotland and BBC books.

The onset of arthritis in my back and hands made it difficult for me to continue as a freelance; I was working in the Civil Service, but have since retired on ill heallth grounds. Although I never fully gave up photography, I downsized my kit to a Canon Powershot A80 then a Canon S2 IS. It was this camera that brought back my desire to take (proper) pictures once again with a digital SLR, so in May 2006 I purchased a Canon 350D, adding a 400D, then a 50d and more recently a 5d mk2.

I hope you enjoy my pictures; it is basically an eclectic mix of subjects that catch my eye.

Thanks for looking, Chris

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